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This online course is a series of short talks with exercises: visualisations, reflective tasks and creative tasks that will help you explore and identify your signature strengths, your values, harness what naturally drives and motivates you from the inside-out. We have all tried and failed to make meaningful change in our lives…this course will help you understand why some approaches will tend to lead to a ‘burst’ effort rather than sustained change and growth.

We will walk through what holds you back, and create a clearer vision of what it is you want to achieve. We will also move towards creating an action plan, visualising your goals and walking back through the stages that will get you there. I hope that you will find the course interesting, engaging, and empowering. Accompanying the course are some exercises and resources that will enhance your learning and engagement with this topic.

This course includes:

How to make meaningful change from the inside-out

Create new habits that will dial up your performance and fulfilment

Set yourself up for sustainable success

Understanding what contributes to short term ‘burst’ efforts