Self comparison and self compassion

The comparison habit – at Christmas. Strive to be and feel good enough – and pass it on!

A very quick Festive greeting to you all – as I wrestle with the plate-spinning of family life in all its joys. Yesterday brought fresh challenges in our new home that will make you smile…

Just as the steam cleaning and tile treatment had dried on a momentarily immaculate open plan floor, no sooner had the cleaning firm left than…this year’s monstrously proportioned Christmas tree arrived to be wrestled in, dropping sap, mud, and pines all over the floor!

It’s the most gorgeous home-shrinker we have ever had. Smells gorgeous. Apparently it looked smaller in the field where my better half selected it! Perfect imperfection. Luckily my trusty secateurs were up to the job of lopping off the foot or so of extra branch at the top. It was that or cut a hole in the ceiling!

Christmas is a time for giving. Gifts, and sometimes giving each other grief. Another year has passed. And we look around the table and take stock as we pass the sprouts. We compare turkeys, gifts, siblings, generations…

How about we take the edge of these comparisons for ourselves and for others – and reflect on how we show up around the comparisons…what we want to gift to ourselves, and the impression we want to give to others…

Please enjoy this link to an article I wrote on this theme for Cityparents in their library of ‘Expert articles’ which you can access via this open link

Cityparents is  an award-winning organisation offering tailored, expert-led resources to support parents and professionals in their work and home lives. Their online, global programme consists of 3 channels –  Live, On Demand, and Library – providing positive and practical content across a range of wellbeing/resilience, parenting/home life, inclusion, workplace and career-related topics.

I have worked with them over a number of years.

Hope you enjoy!Thank-you to all who wrote to wish me well with the house-move – or to say how the article resonated. It is ALWAYS a delight to hear from you and if there is a topic you’d like me to cover -let me know and I will put it in the mix!As always – with love and gratitude, and with as much merriment as booster jabs and pandemic celebrations can safely afford…Emma.

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